Autism, Brain, and Environment

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The increasing collection of people being diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) can’t simply be explained by changes in diagnostic criteria or greater awareness of the condition. On this controversial new book, Richard Lathe contends that the latest rise in cases of ASDs is as a result increased exposure to environmental toxicity combined with genetic predisposition.

Autism, Brain, and Environment proposes that autism is a disorder of the limbic brain, which is damaged by toxic heavy metals present in the environment. Lathe argues that most ASD children have additional physiological problems and that these, far from being separate from the psychiatric aspects of ASD, can produce and exacerbate the condition.

This necessary and groundbreaking text provides a closely-argued scientific case for the involvement of both environmental and physiological factors in autism. Lathe’s argument will also have an instantaneous affect on remedy strategies and options. It is going to be of great interest to the scientific community, professionals, researchers, political and environmental lobbyists, teachers, psychologists, and parents and people with ASDs.