How To Run A Lathe: For The Beginner: How To Erect, Care For And Operate A Screw Cutting Engine Lathe

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Revised Edition No. 15, With All Illustrations And Tables Including, But Now not Restricted To: Annealing Brass Or Copper, Annealing Tool Steel, Apron, Automatic, Attaching Countershaft To Joists, Ball Race And Cone Making, Belting Of Lathe, Boring In The Lathe, Boring 30-Inch Flywheel, How To Braze, Calculating Change Gears For Thread Cutting, Calculating Speed And Size Of Pulleys, Carriage For Lathe, Case Hardening, Centering, Change Gears For Thread Cutting, Clamp Lathe Dog, Commonplace Lathe Dog, Compound Gearing, Compound Rest, Graduated, Construction Of Boring Bars, Countershaft, Erecting, Countersink, Countersinking A Shaft, Cutting Speed For Metals, Don’ts For Machinists, Drill And Countersink Combined, Drilling On Lathe, Face Plates, Fitting Chuck To Lathe, First Chip On Thread, Forged Steel Lathe Tools, Gear Cutting Attachment For Lathes, Gear Guards, Grinding Tool After Thread Has Been Began, Horse Power To Drive Lathe, Index Plate For Thread Cutting, Data On Gears, Key Seating A Steel Shaft, Knurling In The Lathe, Layout For A Small Machine Shop, Leveling Lathe, Location Of Lathe, Making A Piston Ring, Measuring Screw Threads, Metric Threads On An English Screw, Milling Arbor, Names Of Portions Of Lathe, Oiling Lathe, Position Of Cutting Tool, Principal Dimensions Of Gap Lathes, Raisin Blocks For Lathe, Setting Of Thread Tool, Easy Gearing, Size Of Chucks, Speed Of Lathe Countershaft, Squaring A Steel Shaft, Taper Attachment, Tempering A Lathe Tool, Thread Cutting, Trueing A Valve, Trueing Emery Wheels, Turning Taper, The usage of Lathe As A Drill Press, The usage of Reamer In Lathe, Woodruff Key-Approach, And so forth.

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