Manual Lathe Machining

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Welcome to Manual Lathe Machining, Tips, Tricks & Techniques. Are you just starting out learning how to machine on the manual lathe? Are you thinking about a new career operating a manual machine lathe? Considering signing up at a vocational school or community or technical college? Just want to see what’s involved in making a metal part on a manual machine lathe? Whatever your reason, Manual Lathe Machining can answer many of your questions and help you get started in your new career.

This DVD was written for the beginning to intermediate machine lathe operator. In case you are already a journeyman machinist, the lessons in this DVD aren’t for you. Also the lessons do not cover Computer Numeric Keep an eye on lathes. That is the subject for an entirely different DVD.

Manual Lathe Machining was filmed the usage of multiple cameras to show you close-ups and picture in picture effects of what is being demonstrated. Manual Lathe Machining is hosted by Tim Griglanz. Tim holds a two- year certification in modern machining technology, in both manual and computer numeric Keep an eye on. After speaking about safety issues, Tim demonstrates several procedures on a manual lathe, from how to properly put a piece in a chuck to if truth be told taking cuts on a piece of brass demonstration stock. Tim conducts the following lessons on a Clausing/Colchester brand manual machine lathe:

Personal Safety
Cutting Safety
Parts of the Lathe
Basic Machine Setup
Center Drilling Procedures
Cutting Operations

So if you would somewhat learn to operate a manual lathe by watching a pro instead of just reading a book or training manual, Manual Lathe Machining is for you. Its clear and concise lessons should help get you up to the mark quickly and easily.

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