Useful Machine Shop Tools for Home Machinists

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As a substitute of throwing odds and ends of bar and rod into the scrap box, why not turn them into useful tools to simplify and speed up future work? Make your own home machine shop more versatile and efficient by creating your individual dependable tools for marking-out, benchwork, and machining. On this book, model engineering expert Stan Bray provides complete plans for making 15 simple but useful additions for your workshop equipment. Every of those tools takes not more than 3-4 hours to make, and requires no special materials. Fully dimensioned drawings, detailed instructions, and reference photographs accompany Every project. This practical collection covers benchwork, the lathe, and milling operations. It includes: marking-out and machining aids; a simple motorized filing machine; an ordinary and improved milling vice; a micrometer stand; internal and external chuck stops; cross drilling jigs; a hand turning rest; rear mounted toolposts; and a self-releasing mandrel take care of.

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